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Negra Modelo 12oz Beer 24 Pack

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The search for a beer that's a perfect pairing with Mexican food may seem easy, but if you don't always want a light lager, you're left with few options. However, Negra Modelo just might be the best one. This Vienna-Munich, Dunkel-style dark lager is a refreshing break from traditional Mexican lagers, and one of the only dark beers that's light enough to drink with a full meal. First brewed by Austrian-Mexican immigrants in the 1920s, Negra Modelo is a unique blend of European and Mexican brewing traditions. Maybe that's why it's so good to taste while you're watching a soccer match or dreaming of a secluded, white-sand beach touched by sapphire blue waters. Each is heaven for someone, and a Negra gets you closer to the dream.

While Negra Modelo is a darker beer, it's actually medium-bodied when it comes to the flavor. A clear, yet dark amber hue with a light head on top fills the glass when the beverage flows from the bottle. This lends itself to a nutty, malty aroma that you can smell without getting a dollop of foam on the nose. Once you kick it back, you'll love the well-rounded, rich flavor with a slightly roasted, woody and almost sweet taste. The finish is smooth, and unlike some heavier beers, your face won't cringe with any impending bitterness or overly strong flavors. With these tastes, you have to grab a taco or burrito, and while Taco Bell may sound great, you should really opt for something more authentic to truly enjoy the beer.

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