Platinum 7X Vodka 200ml

Platinum 7X Vodka 200ml

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The clean, smooth flavors of Platinum 7x Distilled Vodka are something to talk about. If you're looking for a vodka that tastes good and mixes perfectly, this is the vodka for you. One of the best things about this alcohol is that Platinum 7x Distilled Vodka is a premium vodka without the premium cost. Combining the affordable price with the lack of an aftertaste that reminds you of rubbing alcohol, you simply won't find much better than Platinum 7x Distilled Vodka.

Platinum 7x Distilled Vodka is made right in the United States. Created from American corn, the careful curation of the plants helps improve the overall flavor of the drink. Added to the corn is pure water to help bring out the unique notes of the drink. On top of this, Platinum 7x Distilled Vodka is distilled seven times to ensure that you get the cleanest, smoothest flavor possible.

Because of the smooth flavor, Platinum 7x Distilled Vodka is a great option when you simply want to sip on some vodka. While this generally isn't a go-to for most vodka buyers, it's certainly an option with this drink. Pour it over some ice and have a glass of vodka on the rocks.

If you're more interested in mixing your vodka, you have nearly unlimited possibilities. Try a classic, such as a screwdriver. This drink mixes your vodka and some orange juice. Another great and classic option is a vodka martini, featuring vodka, dry vermouth and bitters.

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